Out of Time album

In March of 2009 I had found Cheri (light brown-blond shoulder-length hair, light blue blouse, wearing headphones below) again, after seeing her in the mid-1970's following her breakup with Chas (wearing light Hawaiian shirt with palm trees below). Chas, meanwhile, had renewed a relationship with Cora (purple top, long black hair below), an old flame. Suddenly we were young again, music, love, good times and with the freedom for everyone to contribute lyric and musical ideas. The carousel pics below show Chas, Cora, Cheri and myself (black shirt, dark beard) in the Broken Arrow studio, writing and producing songs for the Out of Time album (and one shot of our usual celebrating after sessions, grin):

Out of Time album tracks

You can see notes about the some of the tracks and download free mp3's of them here (check back regularly as we are in the process of putting them up, so won't have all of the tracks initially). If you prefer to use iTunes, you can go to Dalton Bentley and Chas Thomas Out of Time Album at iTunes (apparently you have to have a paid account with Apple music to listen or buy there)